Within the Hilton hotel we have our ‘Rose Within the Wall’ bar. The Hilton York is a 131 bedroom hotel, within the hotel we have our ‘Rose within the wall’ bar, the Rose is a Gin bar that specializes in pizzas. Although part of the Hilton Hotel the access is from Castlegate, we can accomodate up to 100 people.

Enjoy bottomless pizza for just £15!

Only one pizza can be ordered at a time. Subsequent orders must be made within 2 hours of ordering the first pizza.

Offer is charged per person. Not to be shared with other non-dining party members.

Hilton York - Bottomless Pizza - £15

Enjoy two Masons Gin and Tonics for just £10.

Hilton York - 2 Masons Gin and Tonic - £10

Hilton York

  01904 648111
1 Tower St, York YO1 9WD
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